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I'm a Dutchie, Netherlands
I'm Dutch, living in the midst of beautiful nature in the South of the Netherlands, right at the Belgium border. I'm a poet and photographer (not a pro) and like to combine those two in my work. I refer to them as Rhyming Images.The name 'GoodLife' is a literal translation of my home address and as I like to make designs, my store's name 'GoodLifeDesign' wasn't too difficult to come up with. In my store you'll find all kinds of designs related in some way to nature , be it in images or text. I like to capture nature's beautiful moments and there are lots of them in my area of the woods as there are no high buildings, no industry, no big highways, but mainly farmland and protected nature resorces in this part of the Netherlands, restricted between the sea arm Westerschelde on the North side and Belgium at the South side. You'll find beautiful landscapes to hang on your wall, roses and flowers on lots of differents gifts, sometimes completed with a little rhyme. In 99% of all the designs in this store, I used my own photographs as a base. Exception are the designs in my category Dad's Illustrations. I hope you'll enjoy your visit. Titia Geertman .
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