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The Layers of Design: Wedding Designs
United States
Valerie is a self-taught Flash artist who specializes in artwork ranging from elegant graphic designs for cards to modern mandalas and paisley shaped animals. She has a passion to create things that will bring a smile to the faces of others. Looking for other designs by Valerie? Be sure to check out the other The Layers of Design Zazzle galleries. Colorful and fun optical illusion designs Holiday mandalas and designs Zodiac themed mandalas Butterflies of the World Modern Mandalas and Naturally Charming Creatures Some useful information for customising and ordering designs you'll find in this shop: Can't decide between two different designs, or have two colors that match what you plan to use? Zazzle's bulk discount will cover you. The bulk discount for buying multiple items will count even if you choose several different designs. Also, if you have two primary colors for your wedding, you can always find a design with a color matching one of them, and then change the text to reflect the other color. Can't find a color that you like? Use the "Send Message" link in the sidebar to let us know what you'd like instead. Links to examples are always welcome. Valerie can also be hired to create exclusive designs that will be unique to you. Contact us for details. Want to match the background, text, or border color to the exact colors used in the design? Here is a list of the hex code for the colors used in each design. Just copy the combination of letters and numbers here and paste them into the text box near the bottom of the background, text, or border color selection box. Blues and Purples Reds and Pinks Neutrals Greens and Teals Oranges and Yellows Periwinkle: 749CCD Cherry: CB2026 Black: 000000 Turquoise: 38BFC4 Canary: FCF3CA Sky Blue: A8D7EC Petal Pink: F49AC1 Pearl: F3F1E9 Peridot: A8D158 Orange: F68B33 Lavender: BCB9D8 Raspberry: CD3266 Chocolate: 663300 Green: 0B6634 Yellow: F6EB13 Blue: 1D4990 Coral: ED895F Pewter: 666666 Teal: 006666 Terracotta: C15324 Navy: 1B3B62 Metals Tan: A98D4E Olive: 777633 Backgrounds Purple: 4B3457 Gold: CC992E Cream: EDE6CC Wine: 710C4C Silver: C4C4C4 White: FFFFFF Want to link to us? Just use the link below to send viewers to the front page. http://www.zazzle.com/valeriedesigns
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Comments (3)
DoodlesHolidayGifts commented on ValerieDesigns 2/28/2011
for joining our fanclub. Mutual fans now. Best wishes to you.
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Sea Angel's Gallery commented on ValerieDesigns 8/19/2009
Hi Valerie. Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my Heart of the Mist design.
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Connie's commented on ValerieDesigns 7/24/2009
"Love your Gallery. I am a new Fan!"
Did you know that Benjamin Franklin became the first Postmaster General on July 26, 1775? Time to celebrate! Bring your favorite postage over and post it on my comment wall to share with the world!
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