Vintage Celestial, Antique Constellation Stars Map Tote Bag


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Vintage Celestial, Antique Constellation Stars Map Tote Bag
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Style: Grocery Tote

Design your own tote bag to haul your belongings in style! Available in 5 sizes to fit all your lugging needs, these bags are made of 100% natural material and can be customized with your favorite pictures and text for the perfect gift or casual accessory. Versatile, trendy, and durable, this custom tote means you'll always look fashionable!

  • Dimensions: 15.5"l x 13"w; 7" deep
  • Material: 12 oz. 100% cotton twill
  • Wide bottom, perfect for groceries and large items
  • Cotton web handles with stress point reinforced stitching
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Machine washable
About This Design
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Vintage Celestial, Antique Constellation Stars Map Tote Bag
Vintage illustration Renaissance era oriental celestial and antique astronomy design featuring a atar chart or map with stars of the northern hemisphere in the night sky. Some of these constellations include Pegasus (the flying horse), Ursa Major and Minor (bear), Draco (the dragon), Cepheus (the King of Aethiopia in Greek mythology), Cassiopeia (a queen in Greek mythology) and several signs of the zodiac. Chinese astrology.
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