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Kansas, United States
Carpenter/ amateur photographer I tried to add this profile while listing my state as western Kansas, which they say is an invalid state. I suppose they are technically right, but we are so different than the eastern two thirds of the state that I had to add these clarifying remarks. Started my first web pages with the goal of earning a little money from all the images filling up my hard drive, while at the same time trying to promote tourism to an often overlooked portion of Kansas, the western third, often thought of by people who have never been here as flat and boring. I invite you to stop by my website and read a bit about the history and beauty we have to offer those willing to take the time to turn south of I-70 at Oakley, Kansas. A friend of mine much better with words than I am has written the descriptions for my pages on the Monument rocks and the Lake Scott pages.
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Comments (85)
Vega commented on wksimages 1/11/2015
Your artworks is stunning and I’m excited to see you create more in the coming year! Good luck with 2015! :) - Vega
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Dakota Joan commented on wksimages 12/19/2011
"Autism - thanks for stopping by!"
love you bikes, btw and I have to look those rodeo shots over, too before I go. Basically I just list tag words like autism (you can do a zazzle search til they make it a category and believe me people will look it up!) other words I use are aspergers, high functioning autism, aspie, asd (autism spectrum disorders) puzzle piece and you'll be inspired if you look at the other designs of course! Don't be afraid if you don't know someone with autism - you'll surely know or meet someone soon with it. Rain Man is a movie about a person with autism and Spock from star trek is a little like a person with aspergers. they are exremely visual and very interesting. I've sold puzzle piece shirts here and elsewhere - they're a real hit. best of luck!
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Cartoon Thunder Biker Gear commented on wksimages 12/19/2011
Thanks for the press and the links! If you or any of your friends ever ride though Concordia, KS, tell 'em to stop in and say hi at California Phil's. Tell 'em Rupert sent ya. It just occurred to me that y'all are in the same state, though I think at different ends.
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