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Close up of center of orange dahlia, Dahlia Postcard


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Close up of center of orange dahlia, Dahlia Postcard
Designed for youby Prophoto
  • 17 pt thickness / 120 lb weight
  • Light white, uncoated matte finish with an eggshell texture
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Orientation: Postcard

Create your own vacation-worthy postcards right here. Any view you’ve seen, any monument you’ve fallen in love with, can all be added to our postcards with our personalization tool. Craft touching, hand-written correspondence while on your next road trip!

  • Dimensions: 4.25" x 5.6" (portrait) or 5.6" x 4.25" (landscape)
  • Full color CMYK print process
  • Double sided printing for no additional cost
  • Postage rate: $0.34
Paper Type: Matte

The most popular paper choice, Matte’s eggshell texture is soft to the touch with a smooth finish that provides the perfect backdrop for your chosen designs.

  • Light white, uncoated matte finish with an eggshell texture
  • Paper is easy to write on and won't smudge
  • Made and printed in the USA
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Close up of center of orange dahlia, Dahlia Postcard
AssetID: 132425637 / Rosemary Calvert / Close up of center of orange dahlia, Dahlia 'Firepot', with water drops on petals, on a black background. A lip piercing is a type of body piercing that penetrates the lips or the area surrounding the lips, which can be pierced in a variety of ways. Approximate healing times for most lip piercings are between 1 to 2 months, however there is a possibility of serious infections developing if the piercing is not taken care of. After healing is complete, other jewelry may be used. After this time, some scar tissue may be present, but the fistula is normally fully developed and mostly healed. Aftercare consists of saline soaks two to three times daily. Soaking the wound for three to five minutes with a weak saline solution softens any blood and lymph discharge attached to the jewelry. Using a q-tip (cotton buds) removes excess matter from the site. Afterward, one should slowly turn the jewellery through the piercing, rinse with saline solution to flush the inside of the wound and remove any matter remaining in and around the piercing. Diluted mouthwash can also be used after meals to help remove debris and flush the piercing and is recommended by some practitioners. Initial jewelry is usually a labret stud or a captive bead ring , manufactured from high-grade surgical stainless steel , implant-grade titanium , or similar lightweight and inert metal. No matter which type of jewelry is used, the jewelry's diameter and length will be intentionally over sized to allow room for initial swelling . After healing, the jewelry can be replaced with a closer-fitting piece. -- (talk ) 05:42, 19 February 2012 (UTC) A home-made saline solution made from one-fourth teaspoon of all natural pink or gray non-iodized sea salt and one cup of hot distilled or filtered water is a common way to heal a lip piercing and avoid infection. This solution can be used to rinse out the mouth after eating (or the mouth can be rinsed with non-alcoholic, non-antimicrobial mouth wash) and to soak the outside of the piercing. Anything with alcohol, peroxide, iodine, or any strong soaps should be avoided because they may irritate the fresh piercing, and cause additional swelling and trauma during the healing process. Also using things like peroxide, iodine, teatree oil, conventional antibacterial soap, or dish soap can damage or kill the skin in and around the piercing, extending the healing process. The ornament should be periodically cleansed to prevent bacterial plaque accumulation. This page is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, anyone associated with the topic.
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