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Birthday Cards from Zazzle

In a world where technology and social media provides us with so many ways to say Happy Birthday to our loved ones, there’s still nothing more personal than sending that message the old-fashioned way—with a birthday card.

Here at Zazzle, we have a vast and enchanting selection of birthday cards that range from the uproariously funny to the genuinely touching, and back again. So, whether you want to give someone a reason to smile, giggle, or even shed a joyful tear, Zazzle’s got you covered. Below you’ll find a series of the most commonly asked questions about birthday cards and some answers that we hope you’ll find helpful.

Can I personalize my birthday card?

If you’re seeking personalized birthday cards, you’ve come to the right place. Pretty much every card that you see on the site, including those from our big brand partners, like Disney, Pixar, Universal, Marvel, DC, and many more, can be personalized to some degree. That’s what makes Zazzle so special … Give a customized birthday card that will truly stand out from the rest!

Can I create my own custom birthday card from scratch?

Of course you can! We have blank greeting cards for you to customize. You can choose the size, the paper type, and the orientation. But that’s not all! Using our design tool, you can also add your own personal images, choose from an array of existing icons, add splashes of the recipient’s favorite color, and include heartfelt messages or inside jokes to create birthday cards that are sure to become treasured keepsakes.

In what sizes do your birthday cards come?

Our regular folded birthday cards come in three different sizes: small, measuring 4” x 5.6”; standard, measuring 4” x 7”; and big, measuring 8.5” x 11”. However, we also offer big cards. They also come in three different sizes: big, measuring a hefty 18” x 24”; bigger, measuring an even heftier 24” x 36”; and biggest, measuring a whopping 36” x 48”. You better ask for the measurements of the recipient’s front door before sending the latter!

Do your birthday cards come with envelopes?

In most cases, the price that you see at the top of the page includes a plain white envelope. However, you can opt to forgo the envelope for a small reduction in the price if you so wish. All you have to do is click ‘None’ under the envelopes option before placing your order. There is the occasional exception to this rule. For example, our jumbo birthday cards come with suitably large envelopes and a giant novelty stamp. You cannot buy these cards on their own. In such cases, there will be a note in the ‘About this product’ section of the page and you simply won’t see any options regarding envelopes.

Wow. You guys seem to have all the answers. Got any ideas for birthday gifts?

Sure we do! You can check out our birthday gifts page. But there’s no need to confine your search to this section alone. The entire site is a veritable treasure trove of gifts, featuring everything from big brand merchandise to artisan made goods. So go ahead and explore the wonders of Zazzle