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Goat Calendar GoatPedia™ Goat Owner's Guide


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About this product
Layout: Two Page

Make each day an important occasion with a customized calendar from Zazzle. You can add photos for each month, and even use our Calendar Grid Transparency to mark off important family and life events. A great gift to hand out or just to hang in your home or office!

  • Available in 3 sizes:
    • Small: 5.5”l x 7”w
    • Medium: 8.5”l x 11”w
    • Large: 11”l x 14.25”w
  • Printed on sturdy high-quality paper with vibrant full-color, full-bleed printing
  • Choose from 16 unique grid styles, 21 language & culture styles and 4 holiday & event templates
  • Pick your own year, start and end dates, and calendar length
  • Wire binding available 7 different colors
  • Perfect holiday gift for family members
About this design
Goat Calendar GoatPedia™ Goat Owner's Guide
This is a GetYerGoat™ - - goatlady - Original Exclusive - since 1996 Goat Calendar GoatPedia™ Goat Owner's Guide and Calendar Without a Doubt – The Ultimate Goat Lovers Gift! Not just a cute animal calendar or beloved pet calendar- This Calendar has the goat information you need at your fingertips! Each page has a quick reference gestation calendar for ease of dating your bred does. (forgive the little gestation calendars while the dates ARE correct, the days of the week they fall on are not - I created this before a hard drive crash and I no longer have the ability to correct this for the current year without completely re creating the entire calendar which took months to create) Each page has a “Goat Notes” section as well. January: Conversion Charts for figuring dosages Dairy Goat Weight Chart Pygmy Goat Weight Chart February: Hay Nutritional Charts Grain Nutritional Charts Fodder Nutritional Charts Quick View Ca:Phos ratio Chart for Hay March: Goat Medicine Chest Illustrated List of Basic Medical Supplies Illustrations of Medical Equipment April: Kidding Supply List Breeding Information List Signs of Early Labor SwingBaby™ Technique Photos May: Milking a Goat Milk Equipment Handling Milk Milk Nutritional Chart Heat Index Chart June: Parasitology Dewormer information Anemia Eye Chart Bottle Jaw Illustration Parasite Quick Chart July: Worms In depth coverage of the 5 most common worms including illustrations of the eggs Larval development Symptoms August: Recognizing a Sick Goat Sick Goat Check List Goat Physiological Chart What to know before you call the Vet September: Neonates,Babies and Kids Bottle baby feeding Illustrated Baby poop- normal and scours Illustrated Tapeworm illustration Birth Chill Tubing baby goats October: Illustrated Text Book Kidding and explanations A real Life Kidding Experience November: Bloat Ruminal Bloat Abomasal Bloat Illustrated explanations of how bloat effects the Goat’s Body How to treat Bloat Wind Chill Chart December: Supply Sources, Meds and Kidding Records Vet Supply House information Place to record your Kiddings Most Common Meds used for Goats and dosages I use NOTE: The gestation calendar inset year is out of date but my HD crashed and Other than redoing the entire calendar, which took me literally months to do - I opted to keep it in- even if the dates fall on the wrong day of the week, the gestation time is correct. So when it shows a kidding date - it may not fall on the right day of the week but the date will still be correct.
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