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I Survived Hákarl Mug


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I Survived Hákarl Mug
Designed for youby WeeMad Design Butik
Two-Tone Mug
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Style: Two-Tone Mug

Add a pop of color to your morning coffee! The outside of the mug features a bright white base for your photo, logo, pattern, or saying, while the inside is vividly glazed in rich color. Give this fun gift to a friend, or add some zest to your dinnerware collection.

  • Available in 11-ounce or 15-ounce
  • Dimensions:
    • 11-ounce: 3.2” diameter x 3.8" h
    • 15-ounce: 3.4” diameter x 4.5" h
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Strong, ceramic construction
  • Meets or exceeds FDA requirements for food and beverage safety
  • Printed on demand in Reno, NV
About This Design
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I Survived Hákarl Mug
Hákarl (or kæstur hákarl) is perhaps Iceland’s most infamous traditional delicacy. This eye-popping blast to the palate will drive tears to your eyes, and likely cause your gag reflex to flare up at first bite. Most commonly served with toothpicks as bite-sized cubes resembling cheese, these harmless looking babies reveal no hint of the overpowering aroma that awaits adventurous foodies. Experiencing Hákarl Hákarl’s distinct ammonia-heavy scent is reminiscent of rotten cheese mixed with industrial-grade cleaning products. Moist, with a fishy texture and a consistency slightly akin to bamboo shoots, this pungent dish packs a serious punch. Said to be an acquired taste even for Icelanders, brave travelers can try pinching their noses to take the shock value down a notch, but they’ll still have to contend with the strong ammonia aftertaste that lingers as a result of tasting even the tiniest morsel.
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TODAY ONLY:    40% Off Mugs & Totes   |   15% Off Sitewide   |   Use Code: ZSPRINGSAVES   |   Details
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