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J W Wright Designs
Cleveland, OH
New media and traditional artist.
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Comments (13)
SEAPEARLS commented on JWWright 12/19/2011
I am sorry to hear that your bumper sticker was pulled. Don't They Get the Joke? It reminded me of a science experiment gone bad. Unintended Consequences. Keep Your Chin Up. Check Out This Web Site: Watch: The ZONATION Alfonzo Rachel's Videos. Bye
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J W Wright Designs commented on JWWright 2/20/2010
"Zazzle keeps yanking me."
More designs of mine have been deleted, while others worse than mine, but of the opposite persuasion, get a pass... gosh, one must wonder why?
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J W Wright Designs commented on JWWright 1/18/2010
"More design coming soon..."
Been way too busy, but I have some swell ideas for more lib-smacking designs... stay tuned, kids!
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