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Siamese Cats Two at Window (2) Magnet


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Siamese Cats Two at Window (2) Magnet
Designed for youby TracyTrends
Square Magnet
2 Inch
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Square Magnet
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Shape: Square Magnet

Your refrigerator called and said it was feeling mighty lonely. Why not give it a few friends to play with by creating a couple of custom magnets! Add your favorite image to a round magnet, or shop the thousands of options for a cool square magnet.

  • Dimensions: 2"l x 2"w
  • Printed on 100% recycled paper
  • Covered with scratch and UV-resistant mylar
  • Available in round shape also
About This Design
Siamese Cats Two at Window (2) Magnet
Two Siamese Cats at Window: A blue-point Siamese and a Seal Point Siamese contently peer through a window and watch the happenings outside. 2 short-haired best friends enhance any product and make a great gift for a veterinarian or cat lover. The blue point has a white color tone while the seal point is famous for the dark tips of the ears, nose, and paws. The Siamese is often compared to the pedigreed oriental colorpoint cat with a wedge-shaped face and fine coat. As traditional show cats, they are quite exotic, often described as having a long body and tail, deep blue eyes, and slightly pink paws. They can be affectionate human companions (like to follow around) but also, a little bit of a nightmare with their curious ways and talkative personalities (adding both joy and noise to your home). #TracyFoote #TracyTrends Siamese Blue Point and Seal Point Cats Looking out a Window
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