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The Sun Canvas Print


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The Sun Canvas Print
Designed for youby Emunah Designs
Custom (27.00" x 19.39")
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About This Product
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Media Type: Premium Wrapped Canvas (Gloss)

Turn your cherished memories into a wonderful work of art with Zazzle’s premium wrapped canvas. Made from an additive-free cotton-poly blend, our instant-dry canvases make for long lasting, fade resistant prints. Add your family photos, vacation pictures, and other beautiful moments to craft great mementos for your home!

  • Available in multiple standard and custom sizes
  • Special ink-receptive coating to protect printed surface from cracking when stretching
  • Gallery quality prints
  • Made with a tight weave ideal for crisp printing of photography and fine art
About This Design
The Sun Canvas Print
Remember to praise G-d continuously. Features a fractal rendering of the sun on a starry background. The second entry from Chapter One of Perek Shirah, "The sun (covered by) the moon stands in its abode; they proceed by the light of Your arrows, by the flash of Your shining sword." (Habakkuk 3:11) is also seen. Perek Shirah (Hebrew פרק שירה), literally "Chapter of Song") is an ancient Jewish text, at least two thousand years old; that some commentaries attribute to King David . It contains 84 sections, in each of which elements of creation, including elements of the sky and of the earth, plants, birds, animals, and insects , use biblical and rabbinic verses in order to sing God's praises. The concept behind Perek Shirah is that everything in the natural world teaches us a lesson in philosophy or ethics, and the verse gives a clue as to what that lesson is. The result is the "song" of the natural world, the tapestry of spiritual lessons for life that the natural world is telling us. Rav Chanoch Zundal Luria, z " l ) compares the Shirah to an orchestra with different instruments. Each makes its own individual sound, and the conductor puts them all together to make wonderful music. Perek Shirah used to be prevalent in the daily liturgy and medieval philosopher Joseph Albo wrote that whoever recites Perek Shirah is guaranteed a place in the World to Come. The vast majority of the verses of Perek Shirah are biblical, and most of these are from the book of Psalms, but there are also a few verses from the Babylonian Talmud. Perek Shirah is organized into six chapters. Many of the utilized verses make mention of the speaker. For example, the song begins with the heavens who say, "the heavens speak of the glory of God, and of His handiwork the skies tell." (Psalms 19:2) This, however is not a rule, as the book ends with the dogs who say "come, let us prostrate and bend our knees, and kneel before God our maker" (Psalms 95:2). Though this mentions an action that dogs physically perform, it doesn't specifically mention them by name. It also includes verses based upon actions, such as giving the reaction of a cat before and after it catches a mouse as well as the response of the mouse. Perek Shirah, a work of tremendous historic value, is itself extremely mysterious and cryptic. However, various commentaries have been written on it over the last five hundred years, which give an insight into what the verse is telling us to learn from the creature.
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