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Toasted champagne flute, close-up poster


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Toasted champagne flute, close-up poster
Designed for youby Prophoto
16" x 20"
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Value Poster Paper (Matte)
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Paper Type: Value Poster Paper (Matte)

Your walls are a reflection of your personality. So let them speak with your favorite quotes, art, or designs printed on our posters! Choose from up to 5 unique paper types and several sizes to create art that’s a perfect representation of you.

  • 45 lb., 7.5 point thick poster paper
  • Matte finish with a smooth surface
  • Economical option that delivers sharp, clean images with stunning color and vibrancy
  • More paper types available under "Paper Options"
  • Add a premium quality frame as an essential accessory
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Toasted champagne flute, close-up poster
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