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USA Pony Express Map Route Art Poster


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USA Pony Express Map Route Art Poster
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Paper Type: Value Poster Paper (Matte)

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About This Design
USA Pony Express Map Route Art Poster
About "The Pony Express Route Map" by Skye Ryan-Evans © This aged-effect art poster was created to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the establishment of the famed Pony Express Postal Service, and also to pay tribute to the mighty Spanish Mustangs that helped to carry America along its historic journey through Time. About the Pony Express": "William Russell, Alexander Majors and William Waddell, founded the Pony Express,in 1860. They held government contracts for delivering army supplies to the West frontier, and Russell had a similar idea for contracts with the US Government for fast mail delivery. By having a short route and using mounted riders rather than traditional stagecoaches, their proposal was to establish a fast mail service between St. Joseph, Missouri, and Sacramento, California with letters delivered in 10 days, a duration many said was impossible. It was not exactly overnight, but perhaps overpriced for the time, at $5 a half-ounce. The founders of the Pony Express hoped to win an exclusive government mail contract, something that did not come about. Russell, Majors and Waddell organized and put together the Pony Express in just two months in the winter of 1860. It was an undertaking of enormous proportions, with 120 riders, 184 stations, 400 horses and several hundred of personnel, all during January and February 1860... An estimated 400 horses in total were used by the Pony Express to deliver the mail. Horses were selected for swiftness and endurance. On the east end of Pony Express route the horses were usually selected from US Calvary units. At the west end of the pony Express route in California, W.W. Finney purchased 100 head of short coupled stock called "California Horses"' while A.B. Miller purchased another 200 native ponies in and around the Great Salt Lake Valley. The horses were ridden at a quickly between stations, an average of 15 miles, and then were relieved and a fresh horse would be exchanged for the one that just arrived from its strenuous run. During his route of 80 to 100 miles, a Pony Express rider would change horses 8 to 10 times. The horses were ridden at a fast trot, canter or gallop, around 10 to 15 miles per hour and at times they were driven to full gallop at speeds up to 25 miles per hour. Horses of the Pony Express were purchased in Missouri, Iowa, California, and some western U.S. territories. The various types of horses ridden by riders of the Pony Express included Morgans and thoroughbreds which were often used on the eastern end of the trail. Pintos were often used in the middle section and mustangs were often used on the western (more rugged) end of the mail route..." Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pony_Express The unique courier service surprisingly lasted a mere 18 months, but the accomplishment placed an indellible stamp on US Postal Service history. Faster, tougher Mustangs were used particularly in the challenging West Coast leg of the massive journey between America's West to and East cost. 50% of royalties from sales made are donated directly to: www.arrowrockmustangs.com Thank you for caring about conserving America's rare Foundation Mustang Horses!
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