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Duckies Rule! (tm) -- And More!
Helping you to keep that ducky feeling since 2005!
Bellevue, Washington
Once upon a time, I started to leave up the artificial family Christmas tree all year long and would decorate it differently for each major holiday. It stood right in front of a large living room window and became an embarrassment for my 12 year-old daughter who thought it was really kind of weird and "made a lot of people wonder if her dad was strange" -- "a lot of people" meaning her friends and kids her age. Now, she is much older and understands that quirky can be good, and duckies are irresistibly cute and indestructible. However, as resilient as they are, the Lulu Ducky Clan (tm) woke up one day and said "Time to move on to a quieter, less smelly place." Their West Seattle birthplace had been all but completely destroyed by an industrial-sized county project. And, so, they migrated to their new home in Bellevue, Washington, where, already, they have won entertainment awards. The Duckies Rule! products owe much of their existence to "demands" made on me by visitors, friends, and neighbors, who enjoyed my ducky garden art in West Seattle, Washington, from 2006 to 2014. Since late 2014, the Duckmaster (me) has been downsizing his ducky projects and working intensely on a different mission -- unwinding the dopamine paradox (uhoh, another strange endeavor....). "Duckitude -- gotta have it, world won't last long without it." Keep on quackin' -- Ron
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Comments (8)
Sterling_Images commented on Sterling_Images 8/31/2013
"Re Chagall Art"
Re Chagall Art: The only Chagall related images that I offer as part of my card collections are from the ceiling fresco at Le Garnier. I am not able to assist with any other Chagall-related images.
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Frack Attack commented on Sterling_Images 5/29/2009
I love these cards! Great work and alot fun to view! Brought smiles to my face! :)
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Its Ok in LA commented on Sterling_Images 2/20/2009
Keep up the great designs! You can also Get Your Gay On at my gallery www.ItsOkinLA.com
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