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WELCOME ◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊ Things can get a little eclectic around here as my inspirations are many so please enjoy your time looking around, relax as if you were reading a good book and while you are here pay the staff a visit, we love getting emails. Nikki's work has been seen at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge, The 2010 ESPY Pre-Party that took place at the Playboy Mansion, The 2011 Golden Globes Awards Gift Lounge, The 2011 Sundance Film Festival Gift Lounge, The 2011 Kid's Choice Awards Gift Lounge, The 2011 Emmy Awards Gift Lounge and soon to be at the 2012 Golden Globes and Oscars Gift Lounges. Sometimes things can be overlooked so if you would like a custom design or see a design that is not on the product you want just email me through the "Send Message" link. I will be happy to assist you with anything you need. I would also like to thank everyone of my customers and anyone that has left a kind message behind, it is always appreciated All of the designs you see here are original and are copyrighted by Nikki Cutro and 13 Black Cats Designs and may not be used without permission. Purchase of any products does not transfer copyrights -all rights reserved - absolutely no clipart was used - Become a Fan on Facebook Random Blatherings of the Artist Follow me on Twitter ◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊ Be sure to stop by our other stores to see what is going on ◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊▫◊