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United In Light, Inc. Home to the Draft Horse Sanctuary. A 501c3 Nonprofit dedicated to the rescue of mature draft horse breeds. Located in Livingston Montana. www.draftrescue.com Fine Arts Photography by Deborah Derr Use guide on the left to select product lines or view all products. Have fun & Thank you for all your support!

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By bluebirdcanflyphotos, 10/14/2010 about
What a neat store you have here! good luck! and congrats on your recent sale! take care, Linda
"Wonderful Work, Wonderful Store"
By ReimeiPhotography, 9/21/2010 about
Wow, I love your store--beautiful images of beautiful creatures. Delighted to know about your organization, too. I will definitely explore. Zazzle referred me here when I created some notecards of white horses. A link in case you are interested: www.zazzle.com/reimeiphotography*
"Hi, Welcome to zazzle community!"
By mickeyelvis128, 12/1/2007 about
By minx267, 11/3/2007 about
Great gallery! love your work!
"Excellent Work"
By CowboyCraic, 10/14/2007 about
You are to be commended both fo ryo rwork with rescuing draft horses and in your representation of them in your artwork. I wish you much success in your gallery
"Let me be the first."
By BigDraftFan, 9/25/2007 about
Hi Seneca! Great stuff here. I will have to see about picking a few things up. All the best to you! BTW, I caught your article in Cowboys and Indians. Looks great! Take care. - Bruce
"Note on the products"
By 1drafthorse, 9/25/2007 about
Please note, that you can change the color and styles of all the shirts! Just choose the graphic design you like best! There are also many different mugs you can choose as well! Go crazy! Much love and light! Deborah
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