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Jack Russell Snow
Official Newfie Relations - Mom, Mum, Dad....
Official Jack Russell Relations: Dad, Mom, Gran...
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Got Slobber Got Newf!
Jack Russell Yap!
Whatever the question...
Luv Newfie
Luv Jack Russell
Lov Dog
Wake me up...
Just Newfie
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A Dogs View is a store made by dog lovers for dog lovers and devoted to all things doggie - from clothes to cards to gifts - and most things in between! Our current ranges are mainly Newfoundland and Jack Russell based (with the odd pawprint and cute mutt thrown in) but we are constantly adding to our range. All our images can be produced on all kinds of products (not just those in the pictures), and you can add your own text to anything in the shop to customise it to just the way you want. But if you can't find your special dog breed here - or the item or slogan that you really want , just let us know (by leaving a comment or email and we will try to add it especially for you. Also, if you are involved in dog rescue and would like to use any of our products for fundraising, please let us know and we wil be happy to give you a special discount or even your own special area. Thank you for stopping by. Hope you enjoy what you find here.