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Add More Color hopes to add more life and color to your home with our wide range of products and also to your loved ones. The items designed here are perfect for a wide range of occasions and would be loved by all.

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By Sandyspider, 8/8/2012 about
Featuring one of your products on
"Great shop."
By L. Armstrong, 7/18/2012 about
Great range of products. Nice splash page, too.
"Lovely store and beautiful products!"
By Zenya Zenyaris, 6/30/2012 about
Thank you very much for stopping by, to like my Luggage Tag ~ TBA Awarded! Best wishes!
By addmorecolor, 4/16/2012 about
Thanks Roy and Marion Appreciate the compliments
By Roy M., 4/15/2012 about
I am a fan too! Superb work you do!
"Thank you ym chin"
By addmorecolor, 2/13/2012 about
Glad you like the store and thanks for being a fa
By ym chin, 2/12/2012 about
Genius artwork! Am now a fan.
By Sandyspider, 12/19/2011 about
You are featured on Canvas Shoes on Zazzle blog.
By Sandyspider, 9/9/2011 about
See what is featured in RocketMoms Zazzle with "A" in Binders and Cards.
"Ha! Ha! Your shop is crawling with a spider lady."
By Sandyspider, 5/20/2011 about
Featuring one of your products on Fun and Beautiful Gifts on Zazzle
"You are featured!"
By Sandyspider, 4/29/2011 about
See what is featured in todays blog Mother's Day Cards and Gifts.
"You are featured today!"
By Sandyspider, 4/8/2011 about
I see that I feature you a lot. LOL But I like you work. See what is featured on Easter, Bunnies and Spring Flowers
By Sandyspider, 4/1/2011 about
See what is featured on Easter and Springtime on Zazzle
"Featured Friday!"
By Sandyspider, 3/25/2011 about
See what is featured in Life in Abstract for a Warped Writer and Zazzle
By Sandyspider, 3/17/2011 about
See what is featured in Green Gifts and Articles You are more than welcome to leave a comment there.
By Sandyspider, 3/4/2011 about
See what is featured in Redneck Wedding and Zazzle
By mspatricia, 3/2/2011 about
Nice store and interesting designs! I'm a fan.
"Featured today!"
By Sandyspider, 2/18/2011 about
See what is featured today on Tote Bags of Red, Pink, White and Flowers
"Featured Today!"
By Sandyspider, 2/4/2011 about
See what is featured today in Posters of Still Life, Inspiration and Nature's Beauty.
By Sandyspider, 1/7/2011 about
Featuring one of your products on Necklaces and Other Gifts for Her
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