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Due to number of new products available here at Zazzle - I will be reorganizing and restructuring this store. If you're favorite product isn't available right now just wait a few days and it will be back up! Thanks for sticking it out with me - I promise, it will be worth the wait!! Welcome to Alesia Kaye Patterns. Each of the patterns you will find at this Zazzle store are unqiue, one of a kind, original creations by me. Many are based on Vintage clipart from the 1800s and others are free hand creations. Each one is unique and with thousands to choose from everyone is bound to find something that fits their style. Products are currently sorted by type of product (ornament, case, mousepad, etc.) but by using the "tags" you can easily sort the products into the primary colors you are looking for. This store is one of several I offer here at Zazzle. Others include Vintage Art, Digital Art and Photographs. Enjoy your visit and thanks for stopping by!!! ~ Alesia Kaye