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Did you find us on Facebook? Thanks for visiting Zazzle.com/AnAdGuy. Find us on Facebook at Westies&Scotties . Please vote on items, especially if you're buying. It helps! Also, share your thoughts about your purchases! Custom orders  If you like something but would prefer a variation on it, let me know. Visit my other sites www.AnAdGuy.com www.AnAdGuy.com is my professional website. The Secret to Learning Spanish www.CartesianSpanishLesson.com The Cartesian Spanish Pronunciation Lesson eBook teaches what makes learning Spanish so difficult and how that knowledge can work for you. I hope you like what you see. Join my Fan Club to get email updates on new products! —Thanks!

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By Thisss, 4/7/2010 about
Wow . How cute!
"Today's Feature"
By cfkaatje, 8/12/2009 about
Just wanted to let you know your Westie (wag... wag... wag) t-shirt was featured today at Best of Breed, a blog showcasing dog and cat breed t-shirts. Congratulations! http://dogandcatbreeds.wordpress.com
By emilyrosey, 7/1/2009 about
Hi I love your dog's So lovely little dogs. Emily Winter.
By gyenayme, 5/25/2009 about
Great Metaphysical collection :)
By brotherbock, 4/13/2009 about
Ahhh! Your 'Straight Not..." series are wonderful. I just have to choose which one I want to buy first. Great stuff, man. Just great.
By picklelilly, 1/2/2009 about
Great stuff! Happy new year from Pickle Lilly!
"Happy Holidays, Everyone!"
By AnAdGuy, 12/24/2008 about
2009 is gonna' rock!!!
"Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2009!!!"
By giskard, 12/23/2008 about
May all your wishes come true in these Holidays...
By SBeise, 12/15/2008 about
Hey Melton, Glad you like my winter wonderland Mug! It really didn't take me long... just a matter of finding the time. I seem to be always crazy busy these days.
By SBeise, 11/27/2008 about
Thanks for your visit. Nice work!
By aliciagrime, 11/21/2008 about
Great work! Cool Design Very Very Nice Page Keep Up The Good Work..
"Fan Club Addition"
By Stronsy, 3/21/2008 about
Melton, Hi! and thanks for your works - good, inspiring, thought provoking stuff: more, more. Stronsy - Here to please... Pleased to be here!
"Hi Melton!"
By VioDeSign, 2/27/2008 about
Thanks for your comment on my Flowers:) glad you like it! Your gallery looks great! Love your new designs:) Have a great day! Violetta
By elenaind, 2/2/2008 about
Great work! I like your stuff and i'm joined your Fan Club :) Have a great time Elena
By girlsrule2468, 1/15/2008 about
Wonderful abstract designs! Nice play on words too. Have a great 2008! :O)
By EricaZava, 1/9/2008 about
i love the westin desingns hhe
"Merry Christmas!"
By VioDeSign, 12/24/2007 about
Have a wonderful and successful year! Violetta
"Happy Holidays and New Year!"
By AnAdGuy, 12/22/2007 about
...thank you for visiting and checking out my stuff!
"Nice Stuff"
By boomspress, 12/12/2007 about
Love your unique, happy whimsical style! Tres chic. Paula/BoomSpress
By letile, 12/3/2007 about
Thanks for joining my club- you have some great cards in your shop- Love the patterns!
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