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Anna's Fantasy Art
Happy whimsical art to make you smile. Inspiration meets imagination.
Queensland, Australia
Happy 2016! I am an artist who loves drawing and painting, the fantasy genre, digital art and photography. I love nature, travel and gardening. What is my philosophy? Caring for others is important, as is appreciating and supporting those around you. Hope grows when we help eachother out. Forgiveness and being able to say sorry are healing lives. Each human life is precious. Choose wisely the way we live - it is our lasting contribution to the world. You cannot take money to the grave, but you can use it to help those in need. If we all did our best to live in peace this world would be a better place. On the downside, image theft occurs, so please forgive the fact I have a zazzle watermark placed over my images, I can assure you this does NOT print onto the finished product.
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Comments (117)
CHRIS AMBROSE ART commented on Annaart 12/19/2011
"Your gallery"
I really like your gallery. Especially, the duck images-very unique! I'm a fan!
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369Design commented on Annaart 12/19/2011
"Thanks for joining my fan club"
So many wonderful designs! I'm a fan of yours as well!
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Wild Things commented on Annaart 12/19/2011
Wonderful art work, I'm a fan.
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No comments yet.