Valentine Heart with Flowers
Valentine Red Heart over black
Romantic Flowers and Hearts over black
Heart with Flowers
Romantic Anniversary with Hearts and Flowers
Portuguese Rooster of Luck
Portuguese Rooster Light Blue
Portuguese Rooster Dark blue
Portuguese Rooster Green dots
Portuguese Rooster Red dots
Portuguese Rooster Blue dots
Portuguese Rooster Black dots
Cat and fish
Portugal Photo Gifts
Portuguese Water Dog
Keep Calm and Eat Natas!
Party time, kids!
Zodiac Signs for Kids
Messenger Bags with Zazzle Tool

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Welcome friends and customers! In this store you will find gifts and paper goodies mostly inspired by Portugal, my country! If you have a minute visit and subscribe to my A PORTUGUESE LOVE blog to receive updates on new products and promotions, know about my favorite Zazzle products and stores! Plus you can read stories about Portuguese culture, traditions and more! If it’s your first time here, you'll need to register to make a buy. Check my blog for information on that too!

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By Aaron Pate, yesterday about
Thank you Belinha for promoting me on your blog!!!
By Psushi, 12/18/2014 about
Your designs are so pretty!!
"Thank you for featuring me on your blog"
By Cranberrysky, 12/9/2014 about
Your blog and designs are awesome ! Great job and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
By Arcueid, 12/3/2014 about
Hey! You made my day! Thank you for featuring me on your blog! You are amazing! :)
By dww25921, 11/23/2014 about
I love what you have done here!
"Great Store!"
By Donna Siegrist, 6/23/2014 about
Love your Designs!!!
By Medusa81, 2/5/2014 about
Thanks so much Belinha Fernandes for promoting me on your blog !
"Great blog!"
By Ninche, 2/4/2014 about
Thanks for promoting me on your blog !
"Happy Holidays"
By ragtops, 12/6/2013 about
Very creative imagination !
By crazygenk, 5/17/2013 about
Hi, i just liked your store, too! sorry for late visit, i'm rare in zazzle for looong time! your store is great!
By sjn_drawings, 4/21/2013 about
Your store and your art are both wonderful! Great Work!
By Peter Chasse, 3/6/2013 about
Love your store set up! Looks great!
"Wonderful & Creative Work of Yours!"
By Emma Wang, 2/15/2013 about
Hi Belinha. Thank you for adding my invitation to your awesome blog! I really do appreciate it! Blessings, Emma
By Smile District, 2/9/2013 about
Such cute works! :)
"Hi Belinha, Your store is looking great!"
By Ronspassionfordesign, 2/8/2013 about
Wishing you and family a blessed New Year! Ron
"Thank you..."
By Sharon's Unique Gifts, 1/30/2013 about much for featuring my Cardinal necklace on your blog. Great store here and love the blog, too. Have a great day!
By Visages: Deborah Miller, 1/30/2013 about
Great store and wonderful art!
"Thanks for your like!"
By Cienpies Design, 1/29/2013 about
Thank you so much for your like and showcasing one of our products in your blog. Um excelente 2013 para você!
By Nan Engen, 1/29/2013 about
Hi Belinha, thanks so much for liking my store!
Thank you for featuring my card on your blog! Really enjoying your store too!
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