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Aro Books worldwide exists in order to make available the teachings of the Aro Tradition of Nyingma Buddhism. Aro Books worldwide seeks to make teachings available to the broadest possible audience via: hard copy or download; books; journals; magazines; and in audio/visual format. Please see also http://aro-books-worldwide.org

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"maybe u have one earing wchich u r not using and its possible to buy??"
By changchub, 11/19/2010 about
"do u know where i can get ngakpa`s conch shell earrings. ?"
By changchub, 11/18/2010 about
By sharonrhea, 11/15/2009 about
Congratulations on your well desrved TBA. I am viewing your store for the first time and am so in awe of your beautiful talent !
By Steve, 11/7/2009 about
These are vivid and inspiring images. They will look splendid in my practice room and dotted about the house - Wonderful
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