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Art is a language expressing feelings, thoughts, and observations. There is an understanding reached by the artist between subject and medium transference that speaks to us. It is the art of art communication, a creative act expressed in pen and ink, oil on canvas, watercolors on paper, or a construction of varied materials. It is the use of line, color, and form. It is the contrast between light and dark. It is defined as fine art, commercial art, applied art, graphic art, digital art, and even graffiti art. But whatever it is, art is art, and embodies the creative spirit with limitless concepts and ideas communicated to another. It is to be shared and for all to enjoy. Welcome to ONE WOMAN'S ART. Original classic, contemporary, and abstract art on a wide range of Zazzle gifts for any holiday, special occasion, or just because. For the love of cats, there's a black cat, white cat, orange cat, gray cat, and a wickedly devilish devil cat. A modern take on Native American iconic animal spirits of an eagle, cat, coyote, bear, rabbit, horse and lizard. A dove of peace, love and hope. A wee white mouse, funny bunny and family of zebras. Stuff of love. Skull art. A little charity for rescue dogs. And there's universal and international symbolic representation of woman, multicultural, and rainbow pride. Something for everyone of all orientations, color, all ages. Artwork is the work of California artist, Margaret Loftin Whiting with an intense graphic style influenced by Art Nouveau and Art Deco poster design. For more about the artist and her art, visit "http://www.squidoo.com/onewomansart Thank you for visiting, and may the animal spirits be with you. *