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Get your prints, posters and canvas art of paintings and photographs by artist ETTINA. Some other fun CUSTOMIZABLE items can be found for holidays, birthdays and Poker players. Great collectables and in every price range! You can also learn more about me as an artist by searching artettina. If you found the image you love but not on the product you would like, just let me know and I will get one listed for you. I also do custom art and design and can change colors for you. Need something personalized or monogrammed let me know! Also join me at twitter, I love to post my new funny designs and keep in touch with daily events! SEE MY NEW STORES creepyfuzzy Flash panel below for easy shopping! creepyfuzzy pokerprodigy Browse other gifts from Zazzle.

Comment Wall

18 results
By Susan, 8/18/2014 about
Ooopsi meant "Your Creations" !
By Susan, 8/18/2014 about
You creations are beauutiifulllll !
By Elsie Johnston Black, 7/19/2012 about
Beautiful art and designs!
"Lovely Art"
By Flamin Cat Designs, 7/13/2012 about
Your florals are stunning. I love the little ladybug design. What a wonderful variety you have.
"I love your Blossom and Butterfly! "
By BitsOfWhimsy, 12/19/2011 about
You have a wonderful gallery! I'm a fan!
By purrfection, 11/1/2009 about
It looks like you are just starting. Keep up the good work. Did you want to know how to add a Flash Panel? email me
"Your art is beautiful!"
By muiling, 10/31/2009 about
While having a variety of subjects they all have a similar style and nice quality to them. I like your profile picture as well :)
"You Wrote"
By purrfection, 10/31/2009 about
I didn't know we could add zazzle to our store page. Havn't figured it out yet. What do you mean. Perhaps I can help.
By artmuseum, 10/30/2009 about
Thank you artettina, for your kind and supportive words. We are glad you like our store, artmuseum. Pls check back soon, I have changed the theme of it to be more sophisticated and easier to browse, would love your input.
"Blue Rooster"
By farmyard, 10/22/2009 about
thanks for the compliment on my poster. I'll have lots of other stuff soon once I get the glitch with my page resolved. I just started that shop and for some reason the page never loads and only gives me an error message...technical difficulties I suppose.
"thank you"
By naturalphotos, 10/21/2009 about
for the nice comment and rating on my kinglet poster! I like your flowers. I joined your fan club.
"Thank you for your lovely comment"
By lasgalenarts, 10/20/2009 about
A little message means a lot.
"Welcom back to Oregon!"
By FineArtDesigns, 10/19/2009 about
You have nice work!
By FineArtDesigns, 10/19/2009 about
It is my son's horse, AJ.
By FineArtDesigns, 10/19/2009 about
It is my son's horse, AJ.
By aliciagrime, 12/15/2008 about
have a wonderful gallery! I'm a fan!
"thank you for your comment on my "peaceful koi" shoes"
By andreacreations, 8/4/2008 about
i love kois too! you have a nice gallery here!
"Thank you for your comment on my "Monkey Bar" postcard!"
By susanpaynetrutna, 7/31/2008 about
You have some beautiful paintings in your gallery! Cheers, Susan
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