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Hi and welcome to my Zazzle store, I am an artist who enjoys taking the odd picture or two. You will find products in this store with images from my brushwork, from my camera, and from the vintage images I use in my mixed media work. I have also been known to use photomanipulation software to create a design image, now and then. The source of my images is varied but the care I put into the product design is paramount. I hope that you will be able to see this in the products which I offer for your perusal below. I realise that my sense of humour is not everyone's cup of tea but don't forget.... if you like the image but not the added text, you can always customise the product to remove it or add your very own words. So important for personal gifts, etc. If you are browsing for particular products, check the listing on the LHS. If you would prefer to browse for interesting images, start by clicking down through the store categories which structure the images used within the store. I hope that you can find something here to your liking, happy browsing. Please check out my other stores by clicking on the following icons, these stores use many of the same artistic and similar images: Please be aware that not all products will be available from all Zazzle web sites. The recently opened new store (pastel landscapes) will ultimately be the location of all my paintings , it will take a while to bring about the change to the existing stores, so do please browse and take a look at what I have to offer. DESIGN CATEGORIES TO BE FOUND IN THIS STORE

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12 results
By Geniusknight, 4/6/2013 about
Amazing works ! :)
"Thank you"
By leflange, 3/12/2012 about
For the compliments on my store, and there are nice designs here too :)
By cmadden, 3/9/2012 about
I hope one day to get myself around as well as you have! Not only are your products beautiful, but so is your store!
"Excellent designs"
By AndyPo, 3/8/2012 about
Thanks very much for visiting my Zazzle galleries on Squidoo. You have some excellent artwork here.
"I'm a fan of all your shops!"
By Sandyspider, 2/29/2012 about
Love your designs!
By genxster, 12/19/2011 about
I've enjoyed browsing through your shop!
"I've subscribed"
By Rinchen Chodron, 12/1/2011 about
I like your designs and we share Squidoo
By Mary Hysong, 5/21/2011 about
Great stuff! found you from your Squidoo lens. Would like to suggest you add photos to your category folders to dress them up. Have a great day!
By Patricia, 4/2/2011 about
Great gallery! I came here from your Squidoo lens!
"Great products"
By sorana, 3/8/2011 about
Hi Artyfax, You have great products here on zazzle. I'll post your store on MySquidzazzle.
By WindyWinters, 2/7/2011 about
Hello from your Squidoo Fan! Love the way you have added your inscriptions on your products. It makes them very unique. Best Wishes! ~Wendy
By angelandspot, 7/19/2009 about
Hey, no problem about the multiple messages. Yeah, you do have to tweak the quick create images but after finding it I am enjoying being able to make use of the same image quickly rather than adding the image one at a time to items. I hope you have fun here. I sure do :)
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