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Locked away in the vaults of my website Comes some of my best web comic creations and some of the many brightly coloured, luscious cartoon character designs, that I've drawn over the years. Some have the look and feel of Anime, Manga, and other forms of animated characters. The Sugar Bugs are the latest examples of my craft, their comic strips will soon appear on my main site..! Competitive prices on iconic designs. Quirky cartoons on cerebral merchandise. Ultra sheik geek ware. The latest unique cartoon creations. Some featured designs will be "Limited Editions" only a few will be made available....!

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By jtgauntt, 12/19/2011 about
Welcome to the Zazzle InsomniacsFeel Free to Join in the fun!Don't Foget to let me know by Send Message if you add the insomniacs Link to your page... So I can add you to the Official Insomniacs List.Here's a cup of coffee to get you going..... If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at Insomniacs.Happy Insomniac Friday!Janine Gauntt
By area51_1, 2/28/2010 about
I really like the TV head robot
By atombat, 10/9/2009 about
Thanks whoever bought an 8Bit Buzz Gameboid badge. You are awesome :D
By atombat, 9/17/2009 about
Thankyou to whoever bought a pokemong t-shirt yesterday, I hope you enjoy the design you have great taste :D
"You've got one crazy imagination... Great stuff!!"
By gritfx, 6/28/2009 about
By atombat, 6/27/2009 about
Thank you whoever bought the 8 Bit Buzz T-Shirt. I hope you enjoy the design :D Many more designs to come..!
"Come by and see my new quilt gallery! And have a great weekend!"
By WhimsyQuilts, 3/5/2009 about
By goffandjim, 2/16/2009 about
Thanks for joining my fan club!! You have some great designs. Come check out our new tuffnite St. Patricks Day design!
By BitsOfWhimsy, 2/10/2009 about
By maolidesigns, 2/10/2009 about
Thanks for joining my fan club!
By maolidesigns, 2/10/2009 about
Thanks for joining my fan club!
By maolidesigns, 2/10/2009 about
Thanks for joining my fan club!
By Rudekitty, 1/6/2009 about
I love the characters yo have created!!! I am definitely a fan
By made2ordermagnets, 1/6/2009 about
Neat gallery.. I am a fan :)
By aliciagrime, 1/3/2009 about
Cool Stuff You Got Nice Gallery Very Color Page Nice Art Wow...
By attitudeartshop, 12/22/2008 about
Love your gallery...just became a fan! Lena www.RobertLynNelson.com & AttitudeArtShop.com
"cool gallery and designs !"
By Ratso59, 11/21/2008 about
By picklelilly, 11/14/2008 about
Hi there thanking you for your kind comments, wishinng you a HAPPY HOLIDAY from Pickle Lilly
By monkley_designs, 11/11/2008 about
Very cool gallery with some neat designs! I'm a fan!
By olmpal, 11/8/2008 about
Great gallery, wonderful designs! Olympia
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