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Welcome to my Zazzle gallery! To order an item, simply click on the product's image and you will be directed to an order page for that item. Zazzle does the printing, and ships the items to you and sends me a nifty little commission. I have left the inside of the cards blank so you can add your own greeting to the inside of a card: after selecting the item you wish to order, click on either of the "inside" views, pictured below the large view. Then click on the gray "Customize it" button. From there select the "add text" button. Type your greeting. You may then select text size, color and font. By the way, Zazzle offers some nice quantity discounts and their customer service department is very helpful should you have any questions.

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"Great Start Here!!"
By Zoey_London, 12/19/2011 about
Love your start on the gallery! Have you ever considered stained glass art? Had a good friend that went in that direction a few years back, took a few classes and really took off with it!! Totally familiar with the knee probs, luv...been dealing with it myself for the past six years, sigh! Hang in there and keep posting your work on Zazzle! I'll be a frequent visitor... Zoey London
By CountryGarden, 12/10/2010 about
neat art and gallery!
By DesignsbyDowell, 3/14/2009 about
Love your art and your gallery. Lovely! Read some of your blog. Delightful.
By CSLarson, 10/21/2008 about
very nice work.
"Just looking at your wonderful new additions! "
By Cheries_Art, 4/21/2008 about
By MovingLight, 4/1/2008 about
Thank you for your comments on my gallery!
By MovingLight, 3/31/2008 about
Nice gallery! Blessings, Laurel
"Beautiful work!!"
By yioryia, 3/7/2008 about
Love your work! Good luck!!
By PaulHonatke, 3/7/2008 about
I'm glad you found me too Beth. Hope you enjoy the Zazzle scene, your paintings are great!
By angelspiritme, 3/4/2008 about
Your art work is really wonderful. I love the turtle! All your designs are lovely.
"Love your Gallery!"
By SuzeeQ, 3/1/2008 about
The stained glass glass look is wonderful and it gives the turtle a real glow. Beautiful!
By lorale, 3/1/2008 about
Beautiful....I love stained glass!!!!! Your work is so pretty!!! Best wishes......Lora
"Welcome to Zazzle Beth! I know you'll have fun and best to you, Cherie"
By Cheries_Art, 2/28/2008 about
"Welcome to Zazzle!"
By CowboyCraic, 2/25/2008 about
Your Turtle art is terrific! I look forward to watching your Gallery grow. I wish you much success! Bright Blessings, Bit
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