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COMMUNITY | ARTICLES | ARTCAST | ARTIST JOBS | ABOUT US "Artists everywhere should check out Be Your Art!" Live, Breathe and Be Your Art by Jenny Zhu, Ning Blog BeYourArt.com is a website community and resource, which provides practical resources and information to artists so they can pursue their dreams without compromise. These products are a way for us to sell cool designs for artists, while maintaining BeYourArt.com. We are not trying to make a profit, just trying to cover monthly costs. Thank you for your support. Check us out on BeYourArt.com !

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By DESTINYHUNTER, 4/30/2010 about
Thank you for joining my fan club. I appreciate it. Best wishes.
By loudesigns, 1/11/2010 about
Love your designs, they're great!
By irishpen, 5/17/2009 about
Some nice graphics here and I am checking "be your art". I've been with zazzle now 5 months. So! I have checked out cafepress/smugmug too. So! We'll see where that goes. Penny
By jasminesphotography, 4/9/2009 about
Thank you, though most of my actual artwork is just my photography. I do buy most of my clipart. :) -Jasmine Zazzle Elite Zazzle Review
"Hello all!"
By beyourart, 4/8/2009 about
Let us know what you think of our products and give us any ideas for more. Thank you all so much for your support.
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