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Merchandise related to the YouTube channel "BionicDance"! http://www.youtube.com/user/BionicDance

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"Nice stuff I like"
By moldred, 3/5/2012 about
I (AKA moldrad) am glad to see good ideas on t-shirts. I usually put out one piece of clothing with a design and allow the buyer to customize the style. You should look into stickers and stamps and bags as well...
"New Product"
By Kim Peek, 12/18/2011 about
Have you ever thought of doing an IPOD sleeve? I think it would be great. Love your stuff tho'.
By Tessa, 5/26/2011 about
Don't like the youtube link underneath the BionicDance logo, a bit much?
By JKcoder, 3/14/2011 about
Glad to see you over here. Might I recommend not adding your logo to the bottom of the design though. You do stand a better chance of selling a design without it. Maybe do one with and one without and see how that works.
By Tongue Puncher!, 3/8/2011 about
good to finally see this!
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