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"Disapproving T-shirts"
By Robyn_89, 12/19/2011 about
Hi, just found your site and I can so relate to this having an often-grumpy mini-lop myself (whom I love dearly). I was so very disappointed to find that you've discontinued the t shirts! Any possibility they'll be making a comeback any time soon?
"What's up!"
By hblack6, 12/19/2011 about
I have your site on my favorites on my yahoo homepage.I just got a store on Zazzle several days ago.so I thought I'd look you up.Your one of the shops I remember visiting on Zazzle cause of your Disapproving Rabbit.I used to have pet rabbits.Zowie lived for 7 yrs,until a UTI & Tetracycline took him down.Tried to tell the Vet not to give him Tetra. cause it killed the bunny I had before him.His name was Dali.Anyhow,too sad.Now for the good news.I'm joining your fan club,maybe you'll get more bites.
By Insomniak, 9/10/2011 about
That's a great rabbit design :)
"Blackberry Covers"
By Birdchick, 12/5/2010 about
I wish we could make Blackberry covers but Zazzle does not offer that as a product.
By reneecannonsmith, 12/3/2010 about
Will there be a disapproving rabbits blackberry case? I hope so!
By lough59, 4/2/2010 about
I would love a "DISAPPROVING RABBITS" nightshirt! (Hint, hint!) Lauren
"Disapproving Rabbit T-Shirts"
By Kat1213, 10/26/2009 about
When are you going to come up with a new disapproving rabbit t-shirt? My hubby and I have the old one, but we're dying to get more shirts. We like to spread the word about Disapproving Rabbit site by our wardrobe.
"Well, look who I found on Zazzle!"
By sabobird, 12/17/2008 about
Great to see a familiar name here! I just put up a gallery for SABO with some of our favorite bird images. Looking forward to seeing more in your gallery. --Sheri
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