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"Love Your Designs!"
By Morcash Sweat, 9/3/2013 about
I especially love your paperclip ideas! Cool!!
By Bluedarkat, 4/6/2013 about
Thank You so much for Your visit and for Liking my Store! I really much appreciate! Have a Lovely Weekend! ☆◠‿◠☆ ✽Blue✽
By Joe Muggins, 4/5/2013 about
Thank you for checking out my store, the guitar heaven design will always be one of my favorites too :)
By Carra, 4/5/2013 about
Very cool designs! I especially like the guitar heaven design!
"☆◠‿◠☆ Hi!"
By Bluedarkat, 4/5/2013 about
You have a Very Nice and Colorful Store!!! I Love Your Artworks!!! Wish You the Best! ☆◠‿◠☆ ✽Blue✽
By Joe Muggins, 3/29/2013 about
Thank you :)
By Liz Molnar, 4/28/2012 about
Thank you for your kind forum comment!
"Thanks for stopping by! "
By shawke123, 12/19/2011 about
I appreciate the comments. I still don't like snakes.... but yours is cute! Sandy :)
By Joe Muggins, 11/10/2011 about
Hi, thanks for checking out my store, been on Zazzle for 3 years. Took me over a year and a half to become a Pro Seller. Just keep designing and i'm sure it won't take you long to become a Pro Seller!
By Michel Rangel, 11/8/2011 about
My store is:
"Hey there, nice store!"
By Michel Rangel, 11/8/2011 about
Hey! Nice store and cool products! How long have you been in zazzle? Did it take you long to become a Pro Seller? Please come by my store and add a comment, I'd like to know your opinion on my items. Thanks! ;-)
By Joe Muggins, 8/25/2011 about
Thank you for all your help!
"Great designs!"
By jasmingifts, 2/9/2011 about
I love the green snake.
By blinkmedude, 3/15/2010 about
Thanks for all the awesome feedback!!! :)
By SpringImagination, 2/15/2010 about
Wonderful designs! Like your guitar poster.
By Albomfamily, 1/30/2010 about
Love your work! I featured your designs at: Music Art Looks Great on Custom Postage Stamps
"Love your style!"
By jgh96sbc, 1/29/2010 about
By SayItNow, 8/5/2009 about
Thanks for the Congrats, you have nice designs! I really like your hearts, hearts, hearts!
By Sophomoric, 7/16/2009 about
Awesome Guitar Heaven design!
By Cilitra, 2/2/2009 about
many awsome designs in here! Thanks for checking out my gallery :)
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