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Welcome to my Zazzle store! I specialize in super-cute cat art, but there are a few other things around here including florals and dogs. Check back often, I add new designs every week! Thank Mew =(^..^)=

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Hi Brenda. Your artwork is adorable. Great store. I'm a fan.
By bmoussart, 12/19/2011 about
Thanks Cherie! I'm excited to be here - this site is awesome. I'm having so much fun! =(^..^)=
"Oh boy!"
By helenzapata, 12/19/2011 about
I'm so happy to see you in here with us! Your gallery already ROCKS! I've been looking around at your new products and they look terrific! I'm heading back in to drool some more. I've always been such a fan of your art!
By angelself, 11/29/2011 about
Love your new ornaments =) Kathryn
By Eve Mazur, 10/25/2011 about
Beautiful artwork!
By sandygrafik, 7/6/2011 about
Amazing gallery!! Love your work! ♥
By TheArtfulFlogger, 1/6/2011 about
Wow, lovely. :D Happy new year.
"re gold effect geisha"
By pinktopaz, 4/28/2010 about
the gold effect was on the geisha and you had a little cat holding a star this effect would be great for my fairies what paint shade did you use - acrylic? thanks
"Your cats are lovely gold metallic effect"
By pinktopaz, 4/28/2010 about
Hi Brenda I love your cats. I paint fairies and love the gold effect you have on some of your cat pictures. Have you used acrylic metallic paint could you give me some advice of the shade you used and what type of paint thanks
By ginnyl52, 12/22/2009 about
Your artwork is fabulous! I'm a fan!
By Mouserkins, 10/3/2009 about
lovely work as always, Brenda!
By AnnRan, 9/8/2009 about
Hi Brenda! Great to see your beautiful work here on Zazzle :)
"Hi Brenda!"
By ArtForCritters, 8/25/2009 about
We sure do miss you on eBay, but what a joy to see you here. Wonderful shop. Your kitties are darling as always.
"Your Work"
By QuiltKnit, 4/4/2009 about
Hi! bmoussart: I have been looking for you site for awhile. I was hoping to bid on a Japanese kitties or Egyptian one. Then I saw you are no longer on ebay. Do you sell your ACEOS anymore?
By udonchow, 1/24/2009 about
Hi! I so in love with your cat paintings, they are FAB!! Cheers Ellen
By SugarSky, 12/21/2008 about
Love your cats they are so unique, Happy Holidays!
"A wonderful gallery !"
By PattiJAdkins, 12/13/2008 about
Your work is beautiful
By maboles, 12/3/2008 about
beautiful artwork!
"Lovely Gallery!"
By Sylinden, 12/2/2008 about
Great work!
By indiebabexx, 12/2/2008 about
Wonderful gallery
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