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By ATD, 10/9/2013 about
Well than. I hope u will like my ideas too. all with ARMA 3 logo naturally: 1, Keyboard Dust Cover 2, Very large XL Mouse mat 3, Mini matrices for the PC chase 4, Car matrices (for the back windscreen, or just a little , like country logos) 5, Calendar 6, Posters, big and small nice action posters :-) 7. ARMA 3 - rain/wind coat (with military colors) I would pay for number: 7, 2, 1.
"to: tofubomb"
By Bohemia_Interactive, 5/29/2012 about
Iranian troops and vehicles in Arma 3 use camouflage pattern composed of small hexagons, the soldiers' uniforms use finer raster. You can already find enough "Iranian stuff" here.
By tofubomb, 5/28/2012 about
i miss some Iranian stuff. usa-donald-duck.. this is not .. ma cup of tea.
By Bohemia_Interactive, 11/25/2011 about
If you have any interesting ideas, feel free to send as an email at marketing@bistudio.com ;)
By Maio, 11/14/2011 about
Took you gusy long enough :) I cant decide if I want to buy a thermos ArmA 3 cup or a T-shirt. Maybe i will buy both
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