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Quotations of wit and wisdom, delicately drawn on a brown call out speech bubble.

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By Kipp, 2/16/2014 about
It is an exhausting exercise to do a tag search and get assaulted by the ubiquitous brownquotes that inhabit the zazzle landscape like so many nettles.
"tag spam"
By Sasust, 5/10/2013 about
Watch the tags please; tiresome to dig through quotes that have nothing to do with what I searched.
By Luxe Girl, 1/25/2013 about
Thank you so much for the congrats email!
By Endgame!, 10/24/2012 about
Thank you for your comment!
"Thanks AbbyCastro!"
By brownquotes, 3/21/2012 about
Working hard to make it better!
By Marie Abegail, 3/21/2012 about
You've got really awesome quotes here. Keep up the good work! :)
"Thanks victoryviolets"
By brownquotes, 2/29/2012 about
Thanks for the complement victoryviolets! Magnet and buttons would take me some longer time to work on. Some quotes are rather long and won't fit well. I'll sure design for those products!
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7 results