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" Whatever exists in the universe ,in essence ,in appearance in the imagination, the painter has first in his mind and than in his hand; and these are of such excellence that they present a proportioned and harmonious view of the whole that can be seen simultaneously at one glance. "..... Leonardo da Vinci --------------------------------------- ART OF BULGAN LUMINI - CONTEMPORARY ART & GRAPHIC DESIGN - FLORENCE - ITALY . ------------------ In my gallery you can find traditional artworks as paintings and illustrations and different galleries of cyber art like 2D - 3D digital art, Science fiction ,fantasy, digital images extracted from my 3D animations, video-clips, multimedia and many other different designs. My site shows more than 46000 designs in different product lines united in a unique , big and eclectic gallery for your browsing commodity. I put different flash panels from some of these diverse product lines with explanations as a guide to my gallery. All of my designs can be customized either by yourself or by contacting me directly.Please visit and feel free to message me about colour requests or design requests. You can send me a message via my gallery if you need a hand with anything. I am always available to assist you ! THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO HAS PURCHASED SUPPORTING MY ARTWORKS WITH ENTHUSIASM !.