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Butterflies Are Blooming at Zazzle. This is the largest butterfly store with over 150,000 products for sale and growing daily. Be sure to check back often to see what is new. Butterflies are not the only products in this store. We have seashells, flowers, birds, sea life, dragonflies, landscapes, and much more. We have created stylish home decor, Designer Pillows, beautiful Messenger Bags, trendy cases, skins and sleeves for your electronics, like iPhone, iPad, Android phones or laptop computer. Find cheerful apparel and great gifts for any occasions. We carry beautiful unique personalized gifts and items for women, men and kids. If you see a design you like and it is not on a product you want, drop me a line using the "send a message" link in the side bar and I will see what I can do :)

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"your sight"
By Dawn McNabb, 2/17/2015 about
I love the sight sis ,its awesome and I could just spend and spend here
By Costa, 11/25/2014 about
Your Store is beautiful.I love your Designs.
"Link to your store"
By Jayne Wilson, 8/3/2014 about
I wanted to let you know I have included a link to your Madam Monarch greeting card in my latest blog post, The Majesty of Monarch Butterflies at http://3d-designs-by-jayne.blogspot.com/2014/08/the-majesty-of-monarch-butterflies.html. Please stop by and see how it looks.
"Love Butterflies!"
By Heather Morgan, 5/11/2014 about
Great store! Love your designs and I need to save you so I can show your products on my blog.
By DeLeDesigns, 1/17/2014 about
Great store!
"Cute store :)"
By Meghan's Dream Designs, 10/4/2013 about
Very cute store with very nice and cute designs you made :) I like it
By SilvaNaturePhotos, 12/19/2011 about
Thank you so much for stopping by my store!! My, my. You have such a gorgeous shop here!! I'm a huge fan of butterflies. In fact, my whole room in decorated with butterflies and birds, so I feel right at home in your gallery. Simply beautiful!! Keep zazzling, too. And, I hope you stop by my storefront again soon to see if I add anything. I'll be checking yours out, for sure. Let's hope Spring comes soon!!
By KKeleyArt, 12/19/2011 about
Gorgeous gallery! Your nature photography is fantastic. Thank you so much for joining my FC. We're now mutual fans. WIshing you all the best, Krisi
"thank you"
By Debrene, 12/19/2011 about
I'm glad you joined my other FC from my tye store . It gave me a chance to view your beautiful work. I'm joining your FC from both my stores as I love your pretty butterflies and flowers !
"Thank you!"
By 4westies, 3/7/2011 about
Thank you for joining my fan club! I love your designs... Congrats again on your Todays Best Award! Lorna (4westies)
By Golubaja, 3/7/2011 about
Thanks for joining my fc! :)))
By loreenfinn, 3/6/2011 about
Congrats on your TBA!
By maryhysong, 3/6/2011 about
thank you for joining my fanclub. I am dazzled by your store! Where do you live that you have so many beautiful and different butterflies?!
"thanks for joining my fan club"
By rainydaysonline, 3/6/2011 about
I wish you great success! :o)
"♥¸.•*´¨`*•.¸♥ Super Congrats on your TBA 5 STARS! ♥¸.•*´¨`*•.¸♥"
By galleriaofart, 3/5/2011 about
By graphicscrazy, 3/5/2011 about
Thanks for joining my fan club, I love the butterflies! Dawn
By DavidBlatch, 3/4/2011 about
Thanks for the add :D Your Glorious Tulip Monsella is a fantastic shot, colours really pop, nice
By OniArts, 3/4/2011 about
Thanks for joining my Fan Club! Love your store!
"Thank you so much for joining my fan club!"
By Milcores, 3/4/2011 about
You have a beautiful store. I love your flowers and butterflies. We are mutual fans now!
"Thanks for joining my fan club"
By Heard_, 3/3/2011 about
Your photos are beautiful!
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