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This gallery specializes in original, planetary art. The pieces showcased in the gallery are created using non-commercially restricted, public domain imagery. Cheers, J.O'Brien

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"Totally love this gallery..."
By StressieCat, 3/11/2009 about
"Thanks for the comment on my posters"
By stevethomas, 1/11/2009 about
It all comes down to similar work that you have here.
"Great Pics"
By ptrotter, 10/13/2008 about
It's out of this world
By parrrot, 6/29/2008 about
I love your work and the look of your gallery space. It reminds me of the mystery I felt as a kid when I went to see planetarium shows. And you've added your great artistic touch as well.
By iamkru, 6/24/2008 about
Very, very nice :)
By inadvertentartist, 6/23/2008 about
Hey cool stuff you have here. It's cool that you actually do some artistic stuff with NASA images instead of just turning around and selling them.
By jvinnyg, 6/8/2008 about
beautiful designs awesome gallery super cool work one million stars from me******** i'm now a fan of yours...
By rippleart, 5/22/2007 about
You have a beautiful gallery! Really great work. Thanks so much for joining my fan club!
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