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This is the place to get your official Bzzzz Busted or Just Bee Aware Merchandise! BEE EDUCATED: BEE SAFE : BEE AWARE About Bzzzz Busted and Just Bee Aware Just Bee Aware is a program created to reach out with a curriculum that aims to educate kids, their families, to ultimately provide protection from potential predators and pedophiles. Our goal is to educate children and parents to recognize and protect against the dangers of predators and pedophiles. Just Bee Aware is the first program of its kind. Our program is determined to send a message to predators and pedophiles to BEWARE and BEE WARNED. When a child wears the Just Bee Aware or Bzzzz Busted logo, it sends a message to potential predators - that the child is aware of how to protect themselves and their privacy. Bzzzz Busted: The Show: Just Bee Aware is currently in the initial stages of development for a reality show called Bzzzz Busted , based on our founder Barbara Farris , and her assessment team, The Bee Team . The reality show will feature Barbara and The Bee Team's ongoing crusade to promote sexual abuse awareness and education, and their fight to protect children against sexual predators and pedophiles. For more information on Bzzzz Busted, Barbara Farris or Just Bee Aware please visit: BZZZZ BUSTED OFFICIAL WEBSITE JUST BEE AWARE