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Photographys, retouching photographys, graphics, designs, slogans ... You'll find everything you want. If you have a specific request, feel free to contact me. I will do my utmost to satisfy your desires.

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By laureenr, 4/29/2010 about
Hi there, congrats on your feature. Just joined your fan club. Lau
By jeanhar1, 2/9/2010 about
Thank you for your support and joining my fan club. My Zazzle profile isn't very detailed, so I would like to personally invite you to my official website. www.jeanhartartwork.com I look forward to your visit and don't forget to sign my guestbook and subscribe to my newsletter. Thanks for being a fan, ~ Jean
By ShamelessSelfPromote, 4/15/2009 about
Thanks for joining the Shameless Self Promotion FanClub - You are featured on the front page and your link has been added to the Gallery list :)
"Your comment on the orangutan magnet is appreciated"
By Rebecca_Reeder, 4/15/2009 about
Some of those will be distributed at lectures given by Dr. Birute Galdikas (one of the three fmaous women primatologists-- along with Jane Goodall and the late Dian Fossey) It really makes me feel good to know that people appreciate some of the little things I've made. :-) Thanks again!
By LifeisSoEasy, 2/12/2009 about
Hi, we are just dropping by to meet our new friends. Wow, good design of yours! We are just a couple of simple graphic designer and cartoonist who are concerned with human life, happiness, and unity of all mankind. By the way, we make caricature for you. All the royalty fees will be donated to the Global Children Foundation and to the development of the site. So, please visit us and share our site with your loved ones. For now, enjoy your life! May God bless you.
By aliciagrime, 2/10/2009 about
"Thank you very much"
By Cactus42, 1/14/2009 about
Thank you very much Alicia for your compliments and for your nice image for me ! :D
By aliciagrime, 12/1/2008 about
very nice page
"An eye for brilliance !"
By mindpixels, 11/15/2008 about
I loved taking a journey through your gallery,thank you
"Thank you for visiting my gallery a few days ago!!"
By Rebecca_Reeder, 7/25/2008 about
By Cactus42, 7/25/2008 about
We can not declare artist himself, it would be pretentious. It becomes artist by the fact that creation is appreciated by people other than their own family or close friends. It does not born artist, one becomes! Continue in this way, you too you will become artist.
"My 'work'."
By sdyrud, 7/24/2008 about
Thank you so much! I am not an artist (I wish!), just a stay-at-home mom who got one great shot! ;)
By mugendesign, 6/4/2008 about
Thanks for the kind comment!!!
By blessedme, 5/15/2008 about
thx for all yr commentsthx for yr visits , I do luv them:)tcmaria
"Grazie mille~!"
By nextstopitaly, 4/28/2008 about
for all your kind words. :) Most appreciated. Thank you too, for joining my FC. :) Best Wishes~Karyn
"Thanks for ur comment on my "Superkid""
By picololo, 4/25/2008 about
"Thanks for joining my club"
By picololo, 4/25/2008 about
"Hi my Friend. You asked how we can help save the Harp Seals..."
By RavenSpiritPrints, 4/20/2008 about
Here are a few suggestions: Donate to groups like Harpseals.org, IFAW, "Defenders of Wildlife", Wildlifedirect.org and the Humane Society of Canada or the US (Just be sure to earmark your donation for the Harp Seal project when on their web site(s). There is much that can be done to help, all that is needed is to educate people about how inhumane the seal hunts are and by sending funding (no matter how small) to the right people so they can continue fighting government and sending camera crews and vets to the ice to document the horror of hunting these precious animals. Thanks for asking :o-) Skye
"I just had to favourite "I Think I'm Late". "
By RavenSpiritPrints, 4/17/2008 about
Very funny stuff! Make no bones about it! Hugs! Skye :o-)
"Thanks for visiting my wildlife art gallery! It's always great to see you there."
By RavenSpiritPrints, 4/15/2008 about
Your work is so varied and great to look at! I'm off to view some more goodies! *grin* Namaste, Skye
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