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By Fleurishes, 12/19/2011 about
for joining my fan club - now we're mutual fans! Fun shop!
By jeanhar1, 2/9/2010 about
Thank you for your support and joining my fan club. My Zazzle profile isn't very detailed, so I would like to personally invite you to my official website. www.jeanhartartwork.com I look forward to your visit and don't forget to sign my guestbook and subscribe to my newsletter. Thanks for being a fan, ~ Jean
"Thank YOU"
By dogproducts, 2/4/2010 about
Thank YOU so much for your kind comments on my wall. I LOVE your store here too - great art and ideas!
By jeanhar1, 2/3/2010 about
Great store! I'm a fan. Best of sales in 2010!
By dogproducts, 1/31/2010 about
I like your store - very nice designs! Great art!
"great store"
By lile4real, 1/3/2010 about
nice store, check mine out at www.zazzle.com/lile4rea
By krystishollyhocks, 12/25/2009 about
Merry Christmas!
By DESTINYHUNTER, 12/15/2009 about
Thank you for joining my fan club. I appreciate it. Best wishes.
By Lizzydee, 12/10/2009 about
I appreciate the nice comment you left on my wall :)
By nadinepanek, 12/10/2009 about
You gave me a good belly laugh wtih that musical number! The dog even lifted his head up wondering what it was! Hilarious! Anyway, thanks for joining my fan club and for leading me to yours! I love what you stand for and wish you many sales! Delightful site! Merry Christmas! nadine
"Hi and Thanks"
By Imp_Productions, 12/10/2009 about
Hi thanks for taking time to drop by my store, glad you liked it so much you became a fan. YOur Safty products gave me a good laugh, now to go and wash my hands
"Wonderful store concept!"
By thespamama, 12/8/2009 about
Thank you for joining my fan club,great minds think alike!
"new fan"
By Debrene, 12/6/2009 about
cool, unusual designs , had to join your FC
By BeezKneez, 12/2/2009 about
Thanks for the kind words on my store wall. You have some great stuff as well! Cheers!
"Greetings and Great Shop"
By DanceswithCats, 11/30/2009 about
What a great concept for your designs. Well done! Thank you for stopping by my shop and joining my fan club! I look forward to seeing more of your great talent in the future! Wishes for a prosperous Cyber Monday! Highest Regards, Terri
By avisnoelledesigns, 11/25/2009 about
Thanks for joining my fan club....good luck with your creative concept!
By Art_by_Joanne, 11/25/2009 about
Great Store....Wish you all the best...Happy Holidays..Joanne
"Great Store"
By dburwick, 10/30/2009 about
Great idea! Very cool products.
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