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Welcome to my photo gallery. You will find here photographs combining two of my other passions; travelling and cooking. I am a solo traveller and in the last few years have been very fortunate to travel to cities in Thailand, Spain, Cambodia, Vietnam, France, Italy, Portugal and Indonesia. And of course, there is always the little side trips to Montreal, Toronto and New York City. Photography is not only a way for me to capture memories as a keepsake for myself but I also try to find a way to capture the small every day things that permeate whatever country I might be visiting. Learning about cultures and the world is definitely THE reason why I love travel so much. I also love to cook so it is no surprise that you will find photos of some of the simple objects and ingredients that are in my very own kitchen. Please feel free to message me if you would like a photograph on a particular product that I have not currently offered. Zazzle Pro Seller Since January 2010