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The Cat People, an all-volunteer organization, was founded in October of 1990 in Bakersfield, California by two friends outraged about the actions of an urban landlord who trapped abandoned cats and drowned them. They soon gathered together a group of individuals who shared their concern -- and the group's mission grew to encompass the plight of homeless cats city-wide. Out of this grass-roots effort grew a nonprofit organization with a Board of Directors and a solid administrative base. The mission of The Cat People is to reduce cat overpopulation, through spay/neuter programs, and compassionately manage feral cat colonies.. Our programs include: * The Feral Cat Care and Feeding Program.. Assistance to ferals was the The Cat People's original purpose, and this effort is still the group's primary focus. You can read more about this in "How We Help". * SPAY TODAY! SPAY TODAY! This is a voucher program which helps low income families spay or neuter their companion cats. All area veterinarians accept the $25.00 voucher.. * The Colonies Assistance Program was begun in 1996. It assists the caretakers of urban cat colonies with such things as cat food and spay/neuter, loans humane traps, and counsels them on the management of urban feral colonies. * PAWSITIVELY CATS is The Cat People's gift shop and administrative office and also serves as the temporary home of rescued cats requiring socialization. Located at 602 18th Street, across from Mexicali, it is open Tuesday through Friday 10-2 and Saturday 10-1 and carries a wealth of gifts for cats and cat lovers alike.

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"Very cute site :)"
By Meghan's Dream Designs, 12/5/2012 about
I really like it- very cute store :) I love cats
"Cool Site"
By Pet_Meds, 12/19/2011 about
Someone recommended your site, and I have to tell you I think it's awesome. I will definetly show the canvas shoes to my wife! Pet Meds
"Love it!!"
By allegra_online, 2/26/2011 about
Amazing gallery!
"Sweet Kitties!!!"
By IsabelDC, 10/20/2010 about
GB - Darlene
"Love it!"
By RenascencePub, 12/11/2009 about
Loved Browsing thru the Gallery! I'm a fan now. You are Welcome to my Store!
By CreatureCreations, 6/9/2009 about
I absolutely love this page and appreciate all that you do!
By eelkat, 3/22/2009 about
Great art you got here! I love your cat designs. I've featured your art on my web site about Cat Stamps. (@ http://www.squidoo.com/Cat-Stamps) Keep up the good work! ~EK
By KatAnnette, 2/2/2009 about
sounds like a great program. Check out my cats too. Kat
By indiebabexx, 11/26/2008 about
Keep up the good work
"Just found your gallery!"
By eyecontact, 9/6/2008 about
Very nice! I'm a new fan!
"Wonderful Works"
By CowboyCraic, 10/25/2007 about
Thanks for all that you do in caring for Cats. I have a cat which my bboys rescued 6 years ago. She was being drowned and they, 11 & 12 at the time, fought off the bigger kids to rescue her. If I could ever get her to sit still, I would use her for Halloween product! I wish you much success! Bit
"Great Cause and beautiful pictures!"
By politicats, 8/11/2007 about
Great to see organizations like this on Zazzle.
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