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Welcome to Celeste Thorson's Official Store _____________________________________________________ Celeste Thorson is a mutli-ethnic film and television star from Los Angeles, CA, as a fashion model she has graced magazine covers, runways, print and commercial campaigns around the world. She has also written two dozen episodes of television, and continues to create and produce new content. As a political activist she's worked with non-profits like Sierra Club, Save the Children, and CALPIRG to raise funding for the protection of wildlife, medical and educational support to children in need, and equal rights for all.

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15 results
"Thank you"
By azure_iolite, 5/28/2010 about
for joining my fan club. I'm a fan of your photography, nice stuff there. Also, how did you make these awesome buttons?
"Thanks for joining my FC. I'm a mutual fan."
By starstreamdesign, 11/25/2009 about
Great work and I admire your commitment to charities.
"Thank you so much"
By Charpaints, 11/3/2009 about
Thank you so much for joining my fan club. Your work is wonderful. I love, love, love the rainbow designs, in fact everything here is incredible!!! I joined your fan club as well!!! I'm adding a link on my facebook as I know quite a few people who will love your work!!
"Thank you."
By kanjiz, 10/31/2009 about
Thanks for joing my FC. Great gallery.
By GereesGallery, 10/30/2009 about
Great photos! Great designs! Great gallery!
"Hi Celeste"
By poozybear, 10/11/2009 about
You have some wonderful designs. Especially love the human rights rainbow. Great job! Wishing you all the best...Kathy :)
"Thank You"
By BlackOpal88, 10/6/2009 about
Thanks for joining my fan club. Love your photo art and your designs. www.blackopal88.com
By artbyjehf, 10/2/2009 about
Love your gallery. Beautiful images and beautiful sentiments. Thanks so much for stopping in and your nice comments. And especially for leading me to visit. I'm a fan!
By mysoriginal, 10/2/2009 about
Your store is great and thanks for joining my fan club....I have done the same.
By evieryland, 10/2/2009 about
Thanks for the sweet comment, Celeste. :) Love your charity work, I hope it inspires more people to get involved!
"Thank You"
By bkrieser, 10/1/2009 about
Just wanted to thank you for the compliment on my artwork. I can see that you are beautiful both inside and out. I, too, donate a portion of my proceeds to charities... both The National Multiple Sclerosis Society and The American Cancer Society. Best Wishes!
"Thank You!"
By 925Coma, 10/1/2009 about
Celeste, thank you for joining my FC. I am a new fan of your gallery too. It's great what you're doing with the charities. Keep up the great work.
By faerieofwind, 10/1/2009 about
Thank you for joining my fan club :)
By DreamEssence_Designs, 9/30/2009 about
You have a lovely gallery. Thank you for joining my fc.:)
"Excellent photography and designs."
By Ratso59, 9/30/2009 about
your work is most impressive, I'm a fan too.
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