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Child-Free By Choice is a shop for those who have decided not to have children. For many this is a highly personal choice based on several factors such as not wanting to put more stress on the planet's precious and limited resources, realizing that not everyone is suited for parenthood, wanting to leave a legacy that is centered around work and art instead of breeding ability, and a preference for living around adults and the lifestyle that allows. Related to this decision are issues about pro-choice and abortion rights, reproductive freedom, access to affordable and adequate birth control, and the right to elective sterilization surgery. Also related is the right to choose an adult lifestyle without criticism, judgment, and unfair workplace practices that discriminate against the child-free and instead favor policies that reward and encourage breeding such as flex time for parents and not the child-free, vacation times and dates that favor parents without taking into consideration the rights of those without children, and tax structures that reward breeding and punish those who have chosen a child-free lifestyle. But most important, this shop provides designs that will educate, inform, and hopefully bring the child-free by choice lifestyle into the mainstream consciousness and reduce the hatred, fear, and threatened responses from those who didn't realize they had a choice before they had children. Here are my latest designs: Browse other gifts from Zazzle. My Other Stores: Funny T-Shirts ** Child-Free By Choice ** The Godless Heathen ** Pacific Northwest Photography ** Crazy Old Lady Of Peace ** Crazy Card Lady ** New Age Astrology ** Elections 2012 ** Marijuana As Art **(NOTE: To view designs in this shop, you have have to choose PG-13 from the content filter on the left side of the page) ** Da Free Jeff ** (not mine but recommended)SELECT A CATEGORY TO EXPLORE DESIGNS

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"Thank you for your nice message."
By orsobear, 11/3/2011 about
With the 7th billion human being born, it's more important than ever that people understand they really do have a choice,
"Child free?"
By jahdakine, 11/3/2011 about
Well said! My sister had enuf to cover my 2.2...
"Hey douchebag"
By , 2/27/2011 about
No one wants your stupid allegra.
By allegra_online, 2/26/2011 about
Wow I love your designs! The colors pop right off the screen! :-)
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