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"Where Fabulous Monsters meet the Shape of the Future"
Chesapeake, VA
This store specializes in products highlighting Disability Culture, Disability PRIDE, and Creative Expression. "Disability Culture" is an odd concept to non-disabled people, since we don't national borders, language or history in common. But, if you are Disabled, regardless of your type of disability, or where you live in the world, you have particular experiences that you share with roughly one billion other human beings on planet Earth, that you don't share with the six billion other humans. That makes Disability very much like the culture of a diaspora. "Disability Pride" comes through the recognition that each of those one billion human lives has worth and something valuable to share with the rest of the world -- and deserves respect -- without waiting to be cured. "Creative Expression" is a natural result of living in a world that doesn't quite fit -- we just make each of our places in the world fit a little better every day. And that deserves to be celebrated.
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Ann Magill