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MoRe, MoRe, mOrE! I need to add more to my store and will add much art soon! In addition to this shop, I invite you to my "Adoption Option Shop where I offer (reasonably priced) charming framed or matted personalized prints! Boys! Boys! Boys! - I said if you think it, I can doodle it! - And YOU said boys! More to come! Click "announcements" for made-to-order China Boy Adoption announcements. For NO extra charge, I custom create & tweak designs of little boys n' girls to suit your needs - Click "send message" & tell me what you are looking for! You are under no obligation to purchase & I love the creative challenge! I'll continue to add new lunch box love notes & invite your suggestions! Personalized - Did I tell you today ...cards - View other Love Cards with your little one's picture! For FREE art follow my ChinaGirlove Art n' information Blog Spot or "LIKE" my Vanity Cases Art & Humor page on Facebook for lotsa' down loadable art - - and updates on our second daughter from China who we brought home last summer when she was two years old!. With appreciation - Collene *** PS...To see woman-to-woman greeting cards that I've written n' designed for years click VanityCases

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By adoptiondesigns, 12/19/2011 about
You're featured on http://www.squidoo.com/adoption_gifts!
By GinaPaints, 3/26/2010 about
lovely happy sweet designs, I really like them
"Really cute"
By realitybytes, 3/26/2010 about
Looks great. Love it
By adoption_gifts, 1/20/2010 about
wow, your shop is beautiful. I wouldn't change a thing. Thanks for the comments. much appreciated. Cant wait to see your life books. They are one of the bigger seller items for me, so definitly go for it. I also made matching paper (I used the flyer because its more card stock) to go with the lifebooks. Just an idea you might want to try also.
"Thank you for your comment!"
By zazzleproducts1, 12/27/2009 about
Very cute designs!
"Really love your designs"
By DoloresDesigns, 12/21/2009 about
They're so sweet - I'm a fan!
By Lizzydee, 12/18/2009 about
awesome gallery and such cute designs! best wishes with continued sales - lots of them.
"your china girl drawings are adorable!"
By M_Cavet, 11/13/2009 about
Good luck with your store!
By mariagraphics, 11/2/2009 about
beautiful shop! I'm a fan:)
By abigcitydreamer, 10/27/2009 about
Cute designs
"very cute girls!"
By monicastamp, 7/29/2009 about
I love your artwork Colleen!
By robynsnest, 6/18/2009 about
love your gallery. I'm a fan! :)
"Hi there, you!"
By Laura_Regan_Artist, 2/10/2009 about
Haven't been Zazzling or picking up my mail! Just checked today....I'm in South Africa visiting my darling grandson and his proud parents. Will contact you when I get bac! Love your site! Hope it's going well!! Hugz!
"Wonderful Gallery!"
By clarkscreations, 1/26/2009 about
Your work is so fantastic!!
"Wonderful Gallery!"
By clarkscreations, 1/26/2009 about
Your work is so fantastic!!
By ldyson123, 8/24/2008 about
What a great idea! I can not wait to stock up!
By trennea, 8/16/2008 about
Your ilustrations are adorable!
"thank you for visiting me at my gallery!!!"
By karin_taylor_zazzle, 8/15/2008 about
and the lovely comment...i absolutely love your artwork...gorgeous !!
"Hi Chinagirllove :)"
By MaddyPaddy, 8/7/2008 about
This is a gorgeous gallery! The stamps are just too cute! I'm a fan :)
By GLManley, 8/3/2008 about
What a sweet gallery! Great designs!
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