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"... And the Raven, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting On the pallid bust of Pallas just above my chamber door... " --Edgar Allen Poe My primary medium is watercolor and subject the raven. The varied personality and intelligence of this bird fascinates me.

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"You're Right!"
By Laurie, 5/4/2011 about
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By Tragetees, 5/2/2011 about
Obama is our President, and Commander and Chief! It was his decision and his alone. Certainly the troops carried out their mission flawlessly, no one is taking anything away from them. But Obama does deserve credit.
"@Obama Got Osama"
By Laurie, 5/2/2011 about
Cashing in on stupidity.
"Obama got Osama"
By Nathiest, 5/2/2011 about
Duh, It's called Cashing In.
By Cyril13, 1/11/2010 about
I like your paintings! Cyril Ignatius
"Very Nice!"
By naturalphotos, 8/10/2009 about
I like the watercolor and raven theme.
By T1Cruz, 7/21/2009 about
I read your post about the mask you created when you were a child. You should defintiely recreate the mask and put it in the Pre-Existing Condition - Traveling Diabetes Art Show. You can find out more about the show at www.pre-existingcondition.blogspot.com. I'm one-half of the shows' curator in case you're wondering. It would make a great piece and a great story. Take care and keep up the good work. Dereck - dcruz@harvestpro.com
By noodleli, 12/3/2007 about
I'm in Florida! LoL!! I was raised in Finland, a couple of hours south from the arctic circle. I spend the summers there and winters here. Thank you for your visit!
"Great Ravens!"
By cre8iveheart, 12/1/2007 about
By noodleli, 9/13/2007 about
Fabulous gallery! I love your ravens!
"enjoy very much visiting this gallery from time to time"
By redboy23, 9/13/2007 about
hope all is well, redboy
"Thanks for your comments!"
By aradovan, 4/25/2007 about
I appreciate it ;)
"Beautiful watercolors! "
By aradovan, 2/24/2007 about
I love your Ravens and the Bluejay is fantastic! Nice charcoal, too.
"Hi Laurie!"
By baxiemur, 2/10/2007 about
Just stopped by to say hello. Your gallery is looking great! Your orcas are super!
"Hi cnl!"
By baxiemur, 1/21/2007 about
Took your advice and made a postcard. Hope Stormy likes it too! I'll get back to you on that photo thingy! Take care. :)
"sorry congrats .. lol my brains a lil frazzled hehe"
By liljulez, 1/20/2007 about
By HighDesertHearts, 1/9/2007 about
I love your Raven work...and I agree they are completely fascinating. So intelligent, each one such an individual---gorgeous really, like your art. Keep creating!
By baxiemur, 1/9/2007 about
I had a very pleasant time visiting your gallery. You have a very, very nice collection of art!
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