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Raven Inspired
AK, United States
an earthy woman living in southeast Alaska. It is beautiful and cold in the winter where watercolor breaks up the monotony of the season. Summer is bustling, warm and beautiful, offering even more inspiration. I have four sons with my commercial fisherman/carpenter husband and two furbabies (female Labradors).
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Comments (18)
Laurie commented on cnlbell 5/4/2011
"You're Right!"
He deserves credit for continuing Bush's policy on hunting down Osama and not trashing it, like he's tried to do with most of his predecessor's policies. You are a moron if you believe it was Obama's decision alone to carry out and execute this mission though. Baaaaaa... go back to the fold sheeple!
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Tragetees commented on cnlbell 5/2/2011
Obama is our President, and Commander and Chief! It was his decision and his alone. Certainly the troops carried out their mission flawlessly, no one is taking anything away from them. But Obama does deserve credit.
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Laurie commented on cnlbell 5/2/2011
"@Obama Got Osama"
Cashing in on stupidity.
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