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Hello, I am a Right Leg Below Knee amputee as of 09/25/09. I had to make the choice to amputate a year after I was in a motorcycle accident. The doctors tied hard to save my leg but, after 14 surgeries and more on the way is was apparent that I would never walk again with this leg. At least not with any really quality and i would still have to have surgeries for many years to come to maintain the leg. Looking at my youngest daughter and thinking about her growing up with her Dad always in the hospital or bound to bed well, I just couldn't do that to her or the rest of my family. Amputation would be the best option. I still have a few more surgeries to go as the leg was that badly mangled. But, I still feel it was the right choice! I started designing shirts with humor for after the amputation to help me feel better about it. I thought others might like them too. They are fun and great for breaking the ice. My shirts are not meant to be offensive or hurtful in any way. They are not insulting, just funny. It is a good thing to be able to laugh at your self and it's a better thing to get people to laugh with you! I hope you enjoy the shirts and please do not hesitate to buy one or two or ten! Every purchase of a shirt I am giving the profits to the Barr Foundation at the end of the year to help people who have no insurance and no money get a prosthetic! Without help I would have to live without a leg. I can't imagine not having one simply because I could not afford it. I am also a member of the Star Wars costuming club called The 501st. www.501st.com I am called: AmpTrooper! It stands for Amputee Stormtrooper. With my costume I have my prosthetic leg showing. It has lights on it and a lighting bolt sleeve so that it fits in with the Stormtrooper costume. I show the leg to encourage, connect, give hope and inspire kids and adults with handicaps. It has even been a blessing to people that do not have handicaps. I have met a lot of amputee children and they always tell me that I am their favorite! They really connect with the costume and for them it kind of give them (amputees) a hero character to be proud of. It is a real honor to put on that armor and go out to see the kids and put a smile on their faces! Truly a blessing! Feel free to look me up on Facebook and say hi! http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000878362073 Thank you and please enjoy and feel free to laugh! Corey Don't forget to select "VIEW ALL PRODUCTS" as there are more. !!!!! VIEW ALL PRODUCTS!!!!!! !!!! VIEW ALL PRODUCTS!!!! !!!! VIEW ALL PRODUCTS!!!! I V

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"Love it!"
By BKAMP Barrage, 2/5/2015 about
Such a great idea! I just recently became a BK Amp and have been in search for a way to keep things light. This is awesome!
"Hard times indeed"
By techpro6, 12/19/2011 about
The times are hard and they are so much harder since I lost my leg (well I didn't loose it I know where it is.... it is just not on me anymore. I have the most trouble with the ghost pains. Does anyone know how to overcome the ghosts in my foot (that's not there) ... I've tried everything I can think of!!! Please help!!! Does anyone know anyone who will help pay the 20% that medicare won't pay. How do you live on SSI?
By GenessaFaye, 12/19/2011 about
Really impressed. Wonderful designs. Can't wait to hopefully give you some more business. Keep em coming!!!
By ns681v2k, 5/27/2010 about
"Middle Georgia Amputee Support Group"
By CoreyCola, 3/16/2010 about
Just started the Middle Georgia Amputee Support Group. It is at Boland Prosthetic & Orthotic Center 110 Osigian Blvd. Warner Robins, GA 31088 Meeting are every 1st Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm
"Hey, I know your mom..."
By lafftur, 11/20/2009 about
...and she told me about your site. I just ordered a shirt for my daughter...her husband has spina bifida and is in a chair. I thought of a phrase for a shirt you might like to use... The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing...because it's GONE. Keep up the good work! Laurie
"Great Amputee Support Group"
By CoreyCola, 10/10/2009 about
Here is a fun support group for amputees that is full of great information. http://www.stumps.org/
"Physical Therapy in Georgia"
By CoreyCola, 10/8/2009 about
Please check out the Cantrell Center at: http://www.cantrellcenter.com/
By CoreyCola, 8/27/2009 about
http://www.oandp.com/barr --> http://www.oandp.com/resources/organizations/barr/ Please visit them and they always need donations. I know time are hard but can you imagine how hard they are for someone who was having a hard time before the economic downfall. And then to need a 15,ooo.oo$ leg on top of that! WOW.
By CoreyCola, 5/22/2009 about
For anyone looking for a great support site go to Stumps R Us : wwww.stumps.org Dan is a great help and has a wonderful news letter. You can also connect with others by posting on Q & A page.
By CarolAC173, 5/18/2009 about
I love the hopscotch one!!! Great shirts, great sense of humor...your mother must be proud. :D
By taggis, 5/16/2009 about
awesome products, great idea. skateboard is way cool . glad to see the lighter side. good job bra.
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