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Welcome to the Criterion Games Store! Here you can find exclusive Burnout merchandise, not available ANYWHERE ELSE! It's created by the people that built the games so you can be sure it's totally authentic. Be sure to return regularly and don't forget to check out www.criteriongames.com for all the latest information on all things Criterion.

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By craginger, 12/19/2011 about
I would like some Burnout Paradise boxers. My friends already say I must be wearing my Burnout panties because I talk about the game so much. It would be cool to actually have some. But boxers, I don't really wear panties. You could even print a skid mark with a tread patern! tee hee.
By aliciagrime, 12/19/2011 about
like your designs- I'm a fan :) Very Nice Page Good Work .Very Cool Stuff In This Site Nice Wow
"Love it!"
By RenascencePub, 12/10/2009 about
Loved Browsing thru the Gallery! I'm a fan now. You are Welcome to my Store!
By denisewy, 11/5/2009 about
cool store! Drop by my store if you have time! http://www.zazzle.com/denisewy
"Extreme Hotrod T-shirt"
By Muffen_Man, 2/1/2009 about
The XHR T-shirt turned out great and goes great with my leather jacket. I'd buy nearly anything with the Hot Rod Coupe on it! (paint style #1 in dark red gloss)
"Shirt idea"
By xdestroyer6x, 1/25/2009 about
i would love to see the hunter mesquite/mesquite custom on a t-shirt that being my favorite vehicle so far in burnout paradise
By craginger, 1/16/2009 about
I wish there were some die cast vehicles. That would be totaly cool!
By EliteEmerald24, 1/14/2009 about
a cool t-shirt design would be the carson gt conecpt with the fith design in black
"Shirt Idea"
By Chainer, 1/13/2009 about
I wouldn't mind seeing a shirt with the Cavalry with a caption about stunts. Great stuff on here too, I will be picking some stuff up soon.
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